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CX-E Meets Skype for Business

Elevating the Enterprise Capabilities of Skype for Business

Making Skype for Business Your PBX Replacement

Are you thinking of deploying Skype for Business as your next corporate PBX? Due to Microsoft’s increasing presence in the enterprise unified communications market segment, many companies are either moving to Skype for Business as their sole call control solution or are integrating it into an existing PBX environment for specific departments or branch offices. On its own, Skype for Business supports voice communications with a rich mix of UC offerings, including presence, instant messaging and conferencing. But implementing Skype for Business as a PBX replacement requires additional mission-critical communications elements to fully replace what you have today. AVST’s CX-E platform elevates the enterprise capabilities of your Skype for Business environment. With its direct IP integration to Skype for Business, CX-E delivers essential communications applications for your business, including:

  • Enterprise-class voice messaging to support your confidentiality and compliance requirements
  • Enterprise-wide and departmental speech and DTMF automated attendant
  • Informal call centre for ACD and UCD functionality
  • Intelligent call completion based on schedules and user presence
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and notification capabilities
Skype for business

Communication Simplified

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True “All-in-One” IP Phone Systems and Unified Communications Solutions

Making VoIP Work for your Business

If you are looking for a simplified unified communications solution, which utilises 21st technology at its best, you should consider deploying a solution based on the Zultys MXvirtual IP-PBX platform. This All-in-One solution provides everything that a modern business can want, at an affordable price.

MX Virtual

MXvirtual is a true all-in-one solution, combining all aspects of a Unified Communications solution, including advanced contact centre functionality, presence, instant messaging, call recording, automated attendant and many other functions, into a single VMware virtual appliance that delivers a powerful, yet simple to manage, whole of business communications solution.

Each MXvirtual instance is extremely efficient, requiring only a single virtual machine with 2 vCPU cores, 1 Gbyte RAM and 40 Gbytes of storage.

The solution also includes Zultys’ Unified Communications client application, named MXIE (Media eXchange Interface for End-users). MXIE is a single Unified Communications interface for users, agents, supervisors and operators which improves staff productivity and enhances communications by providing easy access to features such as click-to-dial, visual voicemail, call logs, advanced call handling capabilities, enterprise-wide presence and instant messaging, etc.



The Situation

Technology over the past few years has evolved into a whole new IT blueprint that involves doing more with new solutions while investing substantially less in their implementation and launch.

Xmedius Cloud

IT Managers are not only forced to engage the newest strategy of doing “more with less”, they have to take into account how the dynamics of doing business have changed over the past few years. More and more organisations are enabling their field staff to work from remote locations; globalisation has introduced heavy consolidation and the birth of branch offices crossing oceans.

Installing software and integrating remote solutions from different locations can tie up critical IT resources and run the risk of solutions going down while they try and speak to each other. So now IT departments are looking to outsource many “non-core” business applications to the cloud.

The Challenge

In the fax world the evolution has made two large leaps from traditional faxing methods, where someone feeds paper into a physical “fax machine”, to “fax servers” that have cannibalized a large portion of fax machine installs by adding a digital component to the faxing world, allowing us to do such things as fax directly to email, specify routing methods and overcome security and compliance issues.

The industry has now embraced the next step in fax evolution and has started to push their faxing into the cloud. Cloud Faxing has been picking up momentum over the past few years but still has some challenges with the vast majority of “Fax-as-a-Service” offerings that are very basic and address only the needs of small home office and individual users.

IT managers are challenged with assessing their aging fax infrastructure and adapting to a modern work environment where secure document transfers are part of a complex business process and many more employees are working remotely or from branch locations.

The Solution

CPS, in partnership with Sagemcom, has pushed the final evolution of faxing just a little further by offering their new solution - XMediusFAX® Cloud. Built around the same features and functionality of their latest software solution, XMediusFAX® Cloud offers “Enterprise Level” faxing from within the cloud.




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